S.M.T.A. joining together for a stronger industry

Hampshire Sewing Machines are members of the Sewing Machine Trade association.

The Sewing Machine Trade Association are here to help you our customer. Shopping at an SMTA Approved Retailer means you will never again need to ask 'what happens if my Sewing Machine goes wrong?' or even 'I cannot get the hang of this Sewing machine, where can I get help?'

All SMTA Members are professionals and they want you to be happy with the sewing machine you have purchased. You can always put your trust in an SMTA Member with confidence.

Remember, buying from an SMTA Member means that you have the support of his business with you all the way. There is none of the 'We'll have to return it to the manufacturer', as many multi-National retailers of sewing machines offer. All SMTA Members will either repair it while you wait, or within a few days!

But even more, the question, '...can someone help me?' Simply call the SMTA retailer you purchased your machine from and they will answer any question you may have, and most importantly, show you what to do, in fact all SMTA retailers will advise you before you buy as they want you to be happy with your purchase. That is why the SMTA, for you, is so essential.

Ensuring support for you today and for the future.