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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 products
Juki MO 654DE
Juki Juki MO 654DE
Sale price£665.00
No reviews
Elna 664PRO
Elna Elna 664PRO
Sale price£529.00
No reviews
Juki MO-2500 SumatoJuki MO-2500 Sumato
Juki MO 214D
Juki Juki MO 214D
Sale price£799.00
No reviews
Janome CoverPro 3000CPX
Save £50.00
Janome AT2000DJanome AT2000D
Janome Janome AT2000D
Sale price£1,099.00 Regular price£1,149.00
No reviews
Britannia Overlock foot set
Save £1.50
Overlock Thread
Madiera Overlock Thread
Sale price£22.00 Regular price£23.50
No reviews
Britannia Coverstitch CS4000 plusBritannia Coverstitch CS4000 plus
Britannia Overlocker 4DRBritannia Overlocker 4DR
Juki MO2000
Juki Juki MO2000
Sale price£1,499.00
No reviews
Juki MO 1000 foot set
Juki Overlocker foot set
Save £50.00
Juki MCS 1800 coverstitch
Juki Juki MCS 1800 coverstitch
Sale price£945.00 Regular price£995.00
No reviews
Janome 2000cpx Coverstitch
Janome 8002DG
Juki MO 644DE
Juki Juki MO 644DE
Sale price£499.00
No reviews
Elna 664 Overlocker
Janome 6234XLJanome 6234XL
Janome 9300DX
Juki MO-3500 SUMATO
Sale price£2,595.00
No reviews

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