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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 products
Juki MO 654DE
Juki Juki MO 654DE
Sale price£665.00
No reviews
Elna 664PRO
Elna Elna 664PRO
Sale price£529.00
No reviews
Juki MO-2500 SumatoJuki MO-2500 Sumato
Juki MO 214D
Juki Juki MO 214D
Sale price£799.00
No reviews
Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional
Save £250.00
Janome AT2000DJanome AT2000D
Janome Janome AT2000D
Sale price£899.00 Regular price£1,149.00
No reviews
Britannia Overlock foot set
Save £1.50
Overlock Thread
Madiera Overlock Thread
Sale price£22.00 Regular price£23.50
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Britannia Coverstitch CS4000 plusBritannia Coverstitch CS4000 plus
Britannia Overlocker 4DRBritannia Overlocker 4DR
Juki MO2000
Juki Juki MO2000
Sale price£1,499.00
No reviews
Juki MO 1000 foot set
Juki Overlocker foot set
Juki MCS 1800 coverstitchJuki MCS 1800 coverstitch
Janome CoverPro 2000cpxJanome CoverPro 2000cpx
Janome 8002 DG
Juki MO 644DE
Juki Juki MO 644DE
Sale price£499.00
No reviews
Elna 664
Elna Elna 664
Sale price£329.00
No reviews
Janome 6234XLJanome 6234XL
Janome 9300DX
Juki MO-3500 SUMATO
Sale price£2,595.00
No reviews

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